Please support me in 2017!

Another year, another BikeMS ride, right? NO!  This year I see the toll MS is taking on my sister, and on others I know with MS, and I’m determined to raise more money and work harder toward the cure!

Here I am practicing with some good friends for this year’s ride. This represented a 30 mile “rehearsal” for BikeMS 2017, which is coming up on October 22nd. I’m still working out hard, and trying to beat my last year’s fundraising record. Please help me out! Anything you can donate is appreciated.


The GW Bridge Bike and Pedestrian Path

The picture above is the non-car (ie. pedestrian and bike) entrance to the George Washington Bridge. The GWB (as we call it here) is not just an object to be clogged by members of the Christie administration. It connects NY and NJ, and is the pathway back from NJ when riding the BikeMS event 55 mile and 100 mile courses.

Howard and Andrew on the GWB

Once over the bridge,  it’s a ride down Riverside to pier 94 and a well-deserved rest.

Would you like to ride like this?  Or perhaps you’d like to ride around Manhattan on the FDR and West Side Highway, on your bike, without the traffic? Click the banner, join us on Team Jamie and make it happen!


If you’d like to Donate to my Ride click here.


The CT Challenge 2013

The CT Challenge was a 50 mile ride this past summer. I loved the challenge, but it was a difficult ride for me as I strained something or other. But I made it through and love supporting this wonderful cause.  Perhaps this year, you’ll join the other wonderful folks who helped me fundraise.