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Cancer. The Big C. It affects someone you know – a friend, co-worker, or family member. And if that person was lucky enough and strong enough to survive their battle – well, often the battle has just begun. Chemotherapy and radiation hurt the body and the mind of survivors. It’s a long road back to health. The CT Challenge funds the research and programs that are figuring out the best way to treat people after we’ve treated their cancer.
I’ve made a short video about this:

What is the CT Challenge? Proceeds from my ride will fund unique programs and research to help cancer survivors through exercise, nutrition and psychosocial support.


Watch a TV commercial about CT Challenge (Sorry, can’t embed it).

Cancer survivors need follow-up care for life and I am helping them. CT Challenge is rated a Silver Level organization by Guidestar for having transparent financial practices. You can be sure the money is being spent wisely.

Please donate to my CT Challenge Ride now.

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